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Writers need a structured approach to writing fiction, one that includes effective strategies for both drafting and revision/fine-tuning. A structured approach builds a writer’s confidence and provides an efficient process in terms of producing submission-ready work. It’s best to get that first draft out there, not worry a lot about how well it’s going, and then let it cool a little before getting into the heat of revision and fine-tuning.

There’s no doubt that books on writing novels sell well. This book gives readers something new by providing a plan for producing the work, as well as a strategy for revising it into a publishable manuscript.

What Others Say:

“Yes, it’s love at first glance and first reading (and second and third too) of this book. I believe Jack Smith might have just written THE BOOK on writing and revising for publication. Clean, direct, succinct–a book that is full of pure wisdom and truth, but also amazing technical advice. From a great primer on the Elements and Techniques of Fiction in Chapter One all the way to the last chapter on Marketing Your Work, this is most certainly the book you want to turn your writing students on to.”

– Virgil Suárez, author of Latin Jazz, The Cutter, Havana Thursdays, and Welcome to the Oasis

“As inspiring as it is practical, Jack Smith’s handbook combines great advice, apt examples, and a can-do spirit that will excite and improve any aspiring writer.”

– Ron Hansen, author of A Wild Surge of Guilty Passion and She Loves Me Not: New and Selected Stories.

ISBN: 9781599637020
UPC: 035313657054
$19.99 (CAN $20.99)
6 x 9, 320 pages

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